Win $1,000: Fun Brainstorm…

Win $1,000: Fun Brainstorm…
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G’day, so did that get your attention? You’re reading this so I guess it did!

This blog post will be no surprise to members of our hot new skype room because they’ve been aware for a week or more and had time to prepare. Everybody else get your thinking caps on! That skype room is producing some fantastic debates and some great information is being shared, all free of charge. There are already 101 members and whether you’re a noobie or a knowbie, it is well worth joining!


So, what is this contest?

First up, this prize is worth far more than cash. This prize gives you the chance to invest in the long-term future of your online business and generate way, way, waaaay more than $1,000 in profits. This could be the kickstart you really need to establish your online business.


If you win you will be able to claim:

either LFM, LFMTE or LFMVM software worth up to $1,000

or upgrades in any of our programs you choose, again worth up to $1,000. You could choose from (among others):

Training sites such as Affiliate Funnel and Net Learning Academy,

Design  sites such as Instant Squeeze Page Generator, Instant Banner Creator and Floating Action Button,

Service Sites such as Hits Connect, Viral Mail Profits and TE Command Post,

Info products such as IM Success Formula, Hidden Traffic Formula and masses more

Traffic Sites such as Intellibanners, Traffic-Splash, Tezak Traffic Power and a whole host of others.


Jeez, linkfest huh? I was amazed when I saw the full list of AKH sites – there are literally over 40 altogether for you to choose from.


So how do you win?

Simple, this is a naming contest for our new business. And there may even be more than one winner.

Looking back at my old business, KRM (Kinder Rash Marketing) wasn’t exactly a sexy name. Robert and Josh were AKH (Advertising Know How), again not the sexiest name in the world.

Our software LFM aka TMS (Login Frequency Marketing aka The Membership Script) is again, unsexy!

So we want a new name, or even names!

We want a new name for our business, a name that can also be used for our core software the LFM/TMS membership site itself.

A name that can possibly be used for Robert, Josh and I as a group too. For example, I came up with the Know How Guys, derived from Advertising Know How, Robert’s original site. That’s OK, but not what we want. It isn’t a good software name.

Josh came up with The Intelli Fellas. We all like that, but again, it may not be the right name for software.


So, what do you think? ALL ideas are welcome and if we choose your idea – you will win!


All you have to do to enter the contest is submit your answer in the comments below and keep reading the blog to find out if you win.


Winner/s will be announced early in the new year.


Have fun brainstorming, I hope you grab our grand!







Big News: Shock, Awe, Hopefully Pleasure…

Big News: Shock, Awe, Hopefully Pleasure…
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So there’s a headline written for people and not search engines! LOL So I’m already useless as a blogger, oh well, people first suits me fine!

This announcement has been brewing for about a week now due to our big server move and I have SO been bursting to spill it! But I’ve been a good boy, and so have all those closest to me, because only a very very very select few have heard this news already.

As I said in some emails earlier, the few who have been told were totally surprised and VERY pleased. With all the bad news around our little market recently I’m so pleased we’re going to be able talk about something good to take us forward, better than good in fact.

I personally, am like a kid in a candy store right now, can’t even sit still! So let’s start with shock and awe and hopefully some pleasure….

First up…
Traffic-Splash has a new owner!

Tezak Traffic Power has a new owner!

And again…
Affiliate Funnel has a new owner!

LFMTE has a new owner!

So who saw me building up to that last one? Anyone’s head spinning?

So here is the news…

Kinder Rash Marketing has now merged with AKH Media.

Yep, that means AKH Media, the software house behind the LFM scripts is now an equal partnership between Robert Puddy, Josh Abbott and myself, Paul Kinder.

Tim Rash is taking a break from the online world due to his VERY heavy commitments offline. Tim plans to be back to build/launch products with me during 2017 (separate to AKH, but possibly/probably complimentary).

So that in effect means Robert, Josh and I are now joint CEO’s. Robert is also CFO, Josh is still the wizard CTO, and I still refuse to call myself a marketer LOL So as we all need labels mine is CCO (chief commercial officer).

That means, I am now the face, and the voice! of AKH, looking out for customers, focussed on helping them and the new AKH grow their businesses together.

So what does this mean for you? First the nitty gritty, then some of the bigger picture…

Customer service first, obviously. I am still me even if I was ill for a loooong time! So KRM and AKH support teams will continue independently same as before with all the people you already know and love. Sunny “Yay!” Suggs will work across both sets of sites and I have no doubt Sunny and I will start brainstorming ideas for Josh to build new support desk plugins when Sunny sees how KRM operates! 🙂

EDIT: I just sprung that little bombshell on Robert and Josh btw, it isn’t imminent!

KRM sites will switch to AKH for payment processing over the next few days and weeks. All current subs stay as is, new subs will go thru AKH Media Ltd.

KRM sites will (probably) all switch to LFM software. I think TECP is likely to be the last one transferred because the code is intricately linked in with the core krtcn membership base code, but we’ll see!

KRM sites NOT transferring to the new AKH are:
Dragonsurf: now a partnership between myself and my old buddy Soren Jordansen.
Fast Easy Traffic: now owned by Tim again but will be run by Mark Wieneke and Brian Rickert, with my help and guidance whenever required. Mark and Brian get 100% profits, Tim and I will take nothing and would LOVE for you to show Mark and Brian your full support.
Tezak Traffic Power transfers, and is now a partnership between AKH and of course the incredible Mr Tony Tezak.

All AKH sites stay as is. Most are owned by the company, plus a few owned separately by either Robert or Josh.

That’s the nitty gritty, so what’s the bigger picture?

Well when I came back online a few weeks ago I was feeling far better than I had in years and, with our market collapsing around us, offers started to come in from elsewhere for me to desert this market and move elsewhere. I wasn’t interested, never would be.

However, one day Mr Puddy and I got talking and the idea of us merging grew some legs. Why?

Well AKH/LFM are very well known for developing software and, basically, just getting er done! For a guy recovering from deep depression working in that environment is a HUGE attraction. Especially working right alongside the man who taught him more about online business than anybody on this planet!

Many of you know I always dreamed of owning a software house, well now I do! I’m determined to help Robert, Josh and the guys continue providing real quality and of course really looking forward to adding my own ideas and our KRM style of design and customer-focussed site-build to the mix. Jamison Raymond is moving with us too btw, should have said that earlier, sorry James!

Looking from the other side, it is very obvious AKH lacks a real presence, someone who relates to customers directly, and can help them to profit from all the software and other programs that AKH makes. Someone who thrives and actually enjoys “living in the market” so to speak. Well, that would be me. Here to help, happy to help. Always! 🙂

But there is more to this. Our market is struggling right now due to forces beyond our control. The single biggest reason the four of us (including Tim) decided this was the right thing to do is because our new business has the will and the resources to help rebuild our current market and blast out into far bigger markets over the next year and beyond. For example…

On Saturday, Josh and I started brainstorming ideas for a completely new script launch that will help any and all our current customers expand into new areas AND take many of their current customers with them. This won’t appear overnight, but this idea or something very similar will almost certainly appear next year.

PLUS Robert and Josh already had some immensely exciting plans for totally new developments that we’ll be launching next year too.

First up though, we need to consolidate our current business, and do all we can to help all of you get through any short-term difficulties and move on to our bright and shiny long term future together.

So, shocked? awed? Pleasured?

Please comment below or…

Let us know your thoughts and answer your questions in our brand new skype room

Here to Help, happy to help. Always!

Paul Kinder

PS I can’t write all that without ONE link for you to click (if you don’t like skype rooms!)

So, I bet most of you have no idea that AKH has over 30 programs up and running (plus some TE’s and niche sites) and that’s one obvious reason I joined.

If there is just one AKH program I’d pick out as the single most exciting it is this. It’s not brand new, and most people wouldn’t think it’s sexy if they haven’t seen all it offers, but…

They are wrong!

Man it felt good not to use an affiliate link there! I’ve loved that program since 2006/7 when Soren and I used to compete each month to be top affiliate!

Did I mention “kid in a candy store”? lol

Coming Soon….

Coming Soon….
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to the interwebs near you!


You know, I hate sites that say Coming Soon cos you’ve no idea when they said it or when they think is soon, but at least on a blog you can see when I wrote this message (Nov 26 2016 by the way to save you looking for it!)


So anyway, I have an absolutely huge announcement to make sometime next week, Maybe Monday, Will it be Wednesday? I really cannot say quite yet, we shall see.


But I can guarantee I’ll say it soon, watch this space…


EDIT: Sunday Dec 4. My buddy Tony tezak just surprised me by sending an email. So I can tell you now, we couldn’t do our announcement last week because our server move was a tad tricky. Our big news will be announced sometime tomorrow, Monday Dec 5. Please feel free to subscribe on the right and get the skinny before everybody else, and I hope you enjoy the video’s as much as I enjoyed making them.